Mote Guilliard

This is a video I did with Adrien Deggan. Sit back and enjoy the Invention of Flight!

The music is “Ping Island” from the Life Aquatic Soundtrack

Do you remember the steps
of blackened stone
where we used to sit,
plucking the black bodies
of ants scurrying amidst the cracks
and creeks of the marble and mortar?

Remember the rocks,
their brilliant white speckled bodies
covered in a layer of soot,
encased in a tomb of hardened mud?

They loved you.
They loved you as you sat
with your new eggshell dress
warming them
holding them.

They loved you when you left,
exposing their hardened faces
to the soft golden threads of sunlight
that would tickle the black bodies
that scurried across their surface.

Remember my royal blue blood?
How it poured from my arms
like molten ice
and we used to imagine that I was a monster.

Through the blades of sweet grass
I would chase you,
always remaining one step behind
that eggshell dress
now covered in black.

We ran through gardens
that we pretended where distant worlds
and forests where the trees hung with pots,
that dipped and bulged and flowed
with sweet sun-warmed nectar.

Do you remember when we would lie beneath them?
letting the ruby syrup fall onto our tongues
and laughing
and growling
as if we had turned to rabid hounds.

We would count the black bodies
that would wind their way over your dress,
and whisper how they never looked real
those black bodies
always rushing

never staying still.

Their black bodies
that moved like a machine
over your dress
without any steam.

Remember my hand?
as it grasped yours
for the very first time.

My soft pale palms wrapped  around
your coarse chestnut fingers.
Do you remember?
Because I will never forget.

-By Devin Stark

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Experimental pics


This is a picture that I took walking through the gardens beside Craigdarroch castle.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi guys and gals,

I have decided, upon much trepidation, to start a blog.

Bear with me for the first little bit. I’m new and my grammar is atrocious, but enjoy the site, leave comments, do whatever. This site is as much for you as it is for me!